Where is Renault Morphoz in pictures Concept car

Where is Renault Morphoz in pictures Concept car
Where is Renault Morphoz in pictures Concept car

When you buy a car, you usually choose what suits your needs. Therefore you will find layers of many sizes in the categories of manufacturers. But Renault Morphos - which we previewed in France before its show at the Geneva Motor Show (well, it has been canceled since the show was about to take place) - overcame that trend, leading to physical appearance Ability to expand to, or change from, hence the name at the touch of a button. It can meet your needs for city driving, long distance with family, and more.

We have never seen a car before our eyes with the touch of a button. At the moment, although the concept is far-fetched, it exposes a lot of futuristic thinking - from the car itself, to the broader ecosystem of energy conservation and sharing. Here's why the Renault Morphoz is the most luxurious car you see this week. Or even this year.

Renault has a recent history of launching concept cars: from the Treasure Two-Seater Coupe at the 2016 Paris Show; Future RS 2027 F1 Shanghai in 2017; For the autonomous driving concept of Symbose in Frankfurt 2018; And a trio of environmentally friendly / mobility cars - Easy-Go, Easy-Pro and Easy-Ultimo - which were shown at the 2018 Paris Show.

According to Francois Leibouin, Renault Design Concept Cars director, in an interview with Polk-Lint, the Morphos is the fifth car in the concept series to have "the time you need, what you need."

The Morphos is built on a modular CMF EV platform teamed with Nissan, which represents the company's 2.0-generation electric vehicle. Of course you will never see Morphos on the road - if at all - but it is built on real technology, which will be the imprint of future Renault and Nissan cars.

This is where the idea of ​​modality comes into play. At the touch of a button - loosely displayed as an app on your future phone (though it was an actual console at this point) - the front portion expands, giving the current 400 km / 248 m range (40 kWh battery) Capacity to complement) 700 km / 435 m more capable (50 kWh additional battery for a total of 90 kWh).

Meanwhile, the rear of the vehicle can also be extended, opening the interior to provide more space for the trunk. The interior is a striking proposition: the front passenger seat can flip - literally, in flip-flops - to create an open-plan three-seat area in the rear of the vehicle.

The way it all appears is the most influential part of the morphos. Body speed is not only elegant, the way the car reveals a new shape by incorporating rear grilles, or the presence of vibrant yellow squares behind the panels, resulting in an eye-catching change.

Now, you might be wondering how the Range Extender battery makes its way into morphos. The Renault concept here is to go beyond the standard full-time battery, and to build a broader ecosystem.

"Morphose is the tip of the iceberg," Leobin says while introducing the automatic loading / unloading concept. The idea for a load station is to include batteries connected to a wider network, so that they provide energy when you are not in use with the vehicle, which can then be loaded into or out of the vehicle.

This may sound far-fetched, but it is already a reality in China: electric vehicle manufacturer Nio offers battery swap terminals for some of its cars, which are installed in less than three minutes. It also eliminates the consumption of battery life over time, as the company can introduce new and new cells into the system.

Renault has manufactured the car and it is practical, but it is just a concept and is not a legal production car on the road. If you are about to attend the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, this will be your first opportunity to take a look at the concept. But given that the show has been canceled due to the outbreak by the Swiss government, we suspect that it will be future shows around the world where you can watch it for the first time in person.

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Everything is not true in any way. There are several concepts related to cars that are particularly interesting: for example, wave movement when approaching close to open doors; The "LivingSpace" interior, which includes user profiles from mobile phones, including the driver's augmented reality screen overlay.

Inside and Out: Renault Morphos is a fun experience of the future of driving and mobility in an eye-catching format that will definitely get people talking about what an electric car can be.

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