How to recover deleted photos and videos

How To Recover from Mobile and Pc Deleted Photo And Video 

How To Recover Photo And Video In Mobile 

Photo And Video Recovery Application 

Sure your photo or video has been deleted from mobile and you want to bring it back. Even if you deleted the photo or video from mobile 2 years ago, you can recover the photo. 

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How to recover deleted photos and videos

How to recover deleted photos & videos

 Friends, today we will talk about the EVA app in which if you have deleted your required video, photo or any required document, you will be able to recover it. The name of the application is Diskdigger photo recovery.  Recover deleted photos from memory card or your phone's memory card Whether you have permanently deleted photos or accidentally deleted, all photos or videos formatted on the card you can recover photos from diskdigger application.

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To download the Diskdigger application you have to go to the Play Store from where you can download this application then download and scan the disk file then after completing the scan you will have to delete the extra file.

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