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Hello Jai Hind Vande Mataram and welcome to our website. You must have heard the name of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana which was started long back, but friends, in the year 2020, a lot of modifications have been done in this scheme, changes have been made in it. New rules have been implemented in 2020, which are rules for your benefit, friends. If you take advantage of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana now. If you have a daughter in your house and if you love your daughter, then friends, under this scheme, you can invest only two hundred and fifty rupees and take 74 lakh rupees. Yes, in this article I will give you complete information, I will explain you very well how your plans are? Do you need your documents here, friends, how do you have to apply for your application and here you have the money that you have, 74 lakhs have been told to you, how are you going to get it. On the whole, I will tell you by calculation, I am going to show you the chart here, so if you really love your daughter and want to take advantage of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, then read this article completely from beginning to last.

Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana - Exindianews
Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana - Exindianews

What is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

So friends first of all know what is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in the end, that is why friends, if you want to understand this Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana properly and want to take maximum advantage of this scheme, then you must read this article completely. So friends, your daughter whose age is less than 10 years and her account is opened which is called Sukanya Samriddhi Account, in which gradually your savings money is deposited, the money deposited by saving is the highest compared to the current scheme. Interest is available, that means, friends, in comparison to whatever government scheme or FD, this is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, if you deposit money in it, then you get the highest return here.

where can i open an account

After that I will tell about the document among friends. First, let me tell you where you can open an account, then friends, here you can open an account from the post office there too, or in any government bank like SBI PNB or HDFC, you can open an account and get money. For deposit, you can deposit money by visiting the bank branch every month or can also get your account linked from where your money will be deducted every month and if your account is closed once means if you do not pay If you do not pay the installment, then your account will also be closed, after which you can reactivate this account by paying a fee of Rs 50 and secondly you can also transfer one account from one place to another as if you have Suppose the daughter's account is opened in Jaipur and after that your transfer is done in Delhi, then you can also get it transferred to Delhi.

How many daughters can open an account

So friends, how will this account be opened in the end, how many daughters can open an account, first of all, if we take this information, then friends, how many daughters' account can be opened here, under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana and let us know how to deposit money.

Friends, under this scheme, accounts of two daughters can be opened, but in case of twins, the account of three daughters can also be opened. If you have two daughters in your house, then you can open an account for them, but if your two daughters have been born twins together, then two twin daughters plus a third daughter are born, you can open an account for all three of them. All the money you deposit under this scheme, interest is added every year on 31st March, like friends, here you deposit thousand rupees every month, I will tell you as an example and which new ones you will get in 2020 I am going to tell you that the rules have come into force. So friends here, if you deposit thousand rupees every month, then in a year you will deposit 12 thousand rupees here, then friends, whatever interest is 12 thousand rupees here, you will be added on 31 March. And then by adding 12 thousand rupees plus your interest or interest, whatever interest will be calculated further, it will be calculated on your 12 thousand rupees plus interest above it. On the basis of this compound interest is continuously added. Under this, you get so much money here that means you get so much interest.

What is the duration of this scheme

Then friends, how long is the duration of this scheme, friends, although the duration of this scheme is 21 years, but you have to deposit money in it only for 15 years, you have to deposit money for 15 years, after that you will be here till 6 years You have to wait and after the completion of 21 years, this Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, which is your daughter's account, it matures, but after that you get full interest of all the money you have deposited, all the money is given to you but friends Even in the middle of this, when your daughter becomes 18 years old and passes tenth together, that is, even if you fill two conditions, you can withdraw money from here but friends, it is fifty percent of its value. You can withdraw money from here.

Apart from this, friends, God forbid it should happen, but if an accident happens and if the daughter dies, then whenever you die, you can submit your daughter's birthday death certificate back and close this account first. You can take money.

what is the interest rate

After this, the friend you can see how much is the interest rate, then you get the highest interest rate here. Nowadays, whatever FD is there or whatever else, you get less in it, but friends or on interest rate you get 8.40 %. Under this scheme, you will not have to pay any tax under Income Tax Department 80C on the money deposited and the interest received.

So friends, this is another very beneficial work that all the money you get under this scheme, if you want to marry 18 year old daughter or if you take it out while studying, then friend, you will get back to the Income Tax Department one too. You will not have to pay money and apart from this, when your daughter completes 21 years, you withdraw the entire amount when the account is mature, let's say 74 lakh rupees, even 74 lakh rupees, you do not have to pay a single rupee tax to the income tax department. But friends, whenever you invest in FD at any time, then if your profit is more than 10 thousand, then friends, you have to pay income tax to the Income Tax Department, then friends, this is the advantage of you like FD or any other. And on this scheme you will not have to pay income tax at all. All the money you get under this scheme is free of your income tax.

What documents should be with you

What documents should you have with you to apply under this scheme, so here you can see which documents have been asked, then the birth certificate of the daughter has been asked. Apart from this, daughter's photo has been asked, father's Aadhar card has been asked, father's PAN card has been asked and father's photo has been asked. If this is your document, then you can easily invest in it by going to your nearest post office or bank, bank, HDFC or PNB or your SBI bank there, or you can open this account. .

most important point

Then friends come to the most important point -

Here it will happen like this if you deposit one thousand rupees every month or so, then you have to deposit money for another 15 years, by 15 years one lakh 80 thousand rupees are deposited in your name and when your daughter is matured here When this account of yours is completed of 21 years, then both of you will get 5 lakh 70 thousand rupees after this.

After this, if you deposit two thousand rupees every month and deposit continuously for 15 years, 3 lakh 60 thousand rupees are deposited and when 21 years of this account is completed then you get 11 lakh 40 thousand rupees on you. .

Then if you deposit 3 thousand rupees per month, then according to this, by 15 years your 5 lakh 40 thousand rupees are deposited and 21 years when the account matures then you get 17 lakh and 11 thousand rupees.

Despite this, if you deposit 4 thousand rupees every month, then according to this, 7 lakh 20 thousand rupees are deposited on you for 15 years and after the completion of 21 years you will get 22 lakh 81 thousand rupees any tax are credited to your account without payment.

After this, if you deposit five thousand rupees a month, then for 15 years your 9 lakh rupees are deposited and after that, after the completion of 21 years, you get 28 lakh 51 thousand rupees.

After this the biggest scheme is that if you deposit 12 thousand rupees per month on friends, then according to this, 22 lakh 50 thousand rupees are deposited here for 15 years and when your account becomes mature then you will get here  73 lakh 90 thousand means that but you get about 74 lakh rupees, friends, all the money you get, not a single rupee of tax will be deducted, so you will get all your money.

 Friends, if you deposit 12 thousand 500 rupees per month, then when your daughter becomes 21 years old then you will get 74 lakh rupees here, which you can give a golden future to your daughter.

 The more money you deposit every month, the higher the interest rate you are going to get here.

 If the new rule has been implemented in 2020, then friends, now you can deposit at least two and a half hundred rupees a month in 2020.  So friends, before you, under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, you could have deposited at least one thousand rupees on interest only, there was no limit less than thousand, but in the year 2020, the limit of this thousand rupees has been reduced to two and a half hundred rupees.  Now if you want to deposit two and a half hundred rupees every month, then you can do that too.

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