Gujarat Sarakar Yojana For Electrical Vehicles- How Much Price? - Subsidy?

Electrical Vehicles Yojana - How Much Price? - Subsidy? And All Of Details

Gujarat Sarakar Yojana For Electrical Vehicles- How Much Price? - Subsidy? -Exindianews
Gujarat Sarakar Yojana For Electrical Vehicles- How Much Price? - Subsidy? -Exindianews 

The problem of climate change is becoming the biggest problem nowadays.  Pollution in the world is increasing day by day.  It is our moral responsibility to protect and nurture the environment.  Increasing the use of conventional energy is essential to reduce pollution and save the environment.  Pollution-free equipment is now being invented by different countries with this objective in mind.  

Battery powered scooters, rickshaws and cars are also being developed.  So now the Gujarat government is also taking steps in this direction and promoting electric vehicles.  As per the earlier announcement, a large subsidy has been announced for the first two lakh electric vehicle buyers.  In which large scale subsidy is being received.  The scheme has been launched since July 1 and is expected to benefit the first two lakh consumers with a four-year target plan.  The details of how many vehicles will be eligible for subsidy are as follows.

Beneficiaries of the scheme will be able to avail the one-time subsidy.  In addition, the applicant will be able to avail the benefits of only one scheme of the government at a time.  

Now what if you didn't get the benefit of the scheme or join the first two lakh subscribers?  

Even then you don’t have to worry.  We have come up with another scheme for you in which you can get the benefit of subsidy on electric vehicle in this way.  In addition to the students under this scheme, this news will be very useful to all the friends who are brothers and sisters who drive autos or run their own business on three wheelers.  So find out what's in this plan.  

The Gujarat Government is now subsidizing the purchase of these vehicles to increase the use of electric scooters and e-rickshaws.  

Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme 2021 This scheme has been implemented by the Climate Change Department of the Government of Gujarat to reduce pollution in the environment and increase the consumption of battery powered and electric vehicles.  

Electric Vehicle Subsidy Gujarat Yojana was launched by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Hon'ble Vijaybhai Rupani on 17th September.  The scheme is implemented by Gujarat Energy Development Agency - GEDA.

Gujarat Sarakar Yojana For Electrical Vehicles- How Much Price? - Subsidy?

Who will benefit?  

You may be wondering if everyone can take advantage of this scheme?  So the answer is no.  Eligibility to avail the benefit of this scheme has been determined by GEDA.  

Which is as follows- 

1) Beneficiary should be a citizen of Gujarat 

2) Gujarat two wheeler scheme will be available only to Std-9 and 12 and college students of the state.  

3) The Three Wheeler Scheme will be available to individuals and organizations in the state.  

How much will you get?  

So under this Subsidy Scheme you will get 1) Rs.  12,000 2) Rs.  48,000 / - (forty eight) thousand subsidy will be given.  

How to get money?  

Under Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme, the subsidy amount will be credited to the bank account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).  

What documents are required?  

1) Student's bona fide certificate or marksheet 

2) Beneficiary's Aadhaar card 

3) Caste certificate 

4) Bank account copy 

5) School / college fee payment reach 

6) Passport size photo 

7) Driving license (only required for high speed vessels)

The following documents will be required for purchase of e-rickshaw: 

1) Driver's license of Three Wheeler on purchase of e-rickshaw

 2) Copy of bank account of the organization 

3) Aadhaar card of the person 

4) Registration of organization for purchase under Tri-Chakri (e-rickshaw) scheme  How to fill mother's certificate form?  First of all, download the application form for which you want the subsidy.  

The link we have given below: Now follow the following steps: 

1) The beneficiary has to fill in the information as requested in his application form.

2) Document should be attached along with filling the application form.

3) Then the companies that have been empaneled by selecting the manufacturer and the model will have to sign the coins.

4) After filling the information in the application form and selecting the model, the form can be submitted to the dealers of the selected manufacturers.  

5) Application form for availing Electric Bike Subsidy in Gujarat can also be submitted at GEDA office.  

Want to apply online?  

Gujarat Electric e - Vehicle Scheme Online Application Beneficiaries will be able to apply online from Digital Gujarat Portal.  Online applications for the scheme will be launched by the state government soon.  Whose official notification will be placed on Digital Gujarat Portal.

What is the other official website for the form? 

Helpline Number: 

Contact: + 91-079-23257251, 23257253 and Email: [email protected] for any confusion.


What is the office address of GEDA - Gujarat Energy Development Agency?  

Gujarat Energy Development Agency, 4th Floor, Block No-11 & 12, Udyog Bhavan, Sector-11, Gandhinagar-382017, Gujarat


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