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As Halloween approaches, we see the planets spinning - especially on Mondays when Mars (the planet of excitement), Jupiter (the planet of abundance),

Venus (the planet of love) opposes Jupiter, and Mercury (the planet of communication) opposes Uranus (the planet of change). However, these are all good things before you run away with a horrible scream! Expect magical days of luck, mental agility, and some pleasant surprises - especially in the areas of love and finance. You have success

Things get a little difficult when Venus transits Pluto (the planet of change) on Wednesday. This can be good or bad depending on how you focus your energy. Great day for a career but a bad day for relationships and romance.

On Thursday when the sun enters the mysterious and intense Scorpio, we hit the extremely scary Halloween vibes. For the next four weeks, we will experience more powerful, insidious energy than our inner discovery.

The weekend leaves us on a good note when Venus eclipses Saturn (the planet of the foundation) on Saturday, making it an excellent day to plan for the future.

How the planets will affect your zodiac sign


The first week of Aries will bring you good luck. But once the weekend starts, you'll all be at work and no game. This is a good time to complete stalled tasks.


Monday will bring a little stress (and surprise) into your day. We all know that you are not a fan of everyday events, Taurus, so take a deep breath and let everything happen. On Thursday, Cosmos will highlight your relationship over the next two weeks. Be prepared to talk about the issue


Monday is the perfect day to get projects or ideas off the ground. Gemini, you always have a lot of ideas floating around, but today will give you the follow-through to make them real! Over the weekend, you will also be excited about new passions.


The week brings positivity and light as Venus and Jupiter form sweet angles. This will help you flirt because your confidence will skyrocket, Cancer! In addition, it will make you more attractive to others.

The lion

The wind of success is blowing all around, lion! Venus and Pluto form a connection in the middle of the week so there are plenty of opportunities for you. Later, the sun enters your family realm - encouraging you to stay home and spend time with loved ones.


Making plans is usually a Virgo. well, guess what? The Venus-Pluto relationship on Wednesday will coordinate and reorganize your love at home. On weekends, you may feel more ambitious - due to the movement of the Sun. This should continue for the next two weeks.


Libra, feeling off a lot lately? There is a reason for that. The relation of, Venus and Jupiter on Monday makes you more emotional than usual. Don't hesitate to ask for help. On Thursday you can see the details hanging in the balance. Things try not to alert you; You can handle it


Mercury opposes Uranus on Monday, asking you to relinquish all control. It's not usually Scorpio's favorite pastime, but you'll be happy. On Thursday, the Sun will enter your zodiac, where it will remain for the next two weeks. take the opportunity early; You will feel more confident than ever!


Monday asks you if you really want to be with someone. Make sure the Venus-Jupiter aspect doesn't blow things out of proportion. Be objective. Keep calm, Sagittarius. The weekend would be a great time to identify your goals.


Some of the major planets in your zodiac sign different aspects on Wednesday, it's all a matter of work. Your special! But on Thursday, when the Sun will move into Scorpio, then you may feel a little moody in Capricorn. This is normal


As a definite sign, compromise is not your strongest claim, Aquarius. And thanks to the Venus-Pluto triangle on Wednesday, that trend will emerge in full force. On Thursday, the Sun enters your workspace, asking you to redefine your career goals and what you want.

Be creative and really accept your ideas. Use this energy to start (or finish) any art project. As the Sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday, it will also boost your emotional waves. Keep calm and let the emotions flow Pisces.

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