Clip Studio Paint, now on Android and Chromebooks.

Get 3 Months Free!

Get three months free when you sign up for your first plan! Get one hour a day for free on your smartphone.

Used by over 10 million artists worldwide. All the features of the classic drawing, comic and animation tools that professionals love, Clip Studio Paint, now on Android and Chromebooks.

👉 Create unique natural-feeling, expressive brush strokes

👉 Supports Samsung Galaxy S Pen pressure sensitivity

👉 Compatible with Vacuum graphics tablets, including One by Vacuum and Vacuum Intuos, with DeX mode support for Vacuum One on Galaxy devices.

👉 More than 30,000 free and premium brushes created by 30 worldwide creators are available through the official content store and active community to guide your art.

👉 Draw, animate, add sound, create comics and more! Explore the world of creativity and enjoy sharing your artwork with friends and family.

Research: Celsius

Draw more than ever with Clip Studio Paint

⇨ Build a pro-like line with line stabilization, even if you're new to digital art

⇨ Use your fingers to adjust the thickness and size of the drawn lines later

⇨ Place and model 3D models on your canvas to help you draw people, animals and objects at difficult angles.

⇨ Lay flat with the Smart Fill tool

⇨ Get color inspiration with the automatic AI colorizer

⇨ Import 3D data to create backgrounds quickly

Push yourself with Clip Studio Paint

⭆ Inspire yourself and the community with free courses on the official Clip Studio Paint website and YouTube channel - new tutorials posted weekly

⭆ Download over 80,000 content for free by community members from the official content sharing service to bring your creations to life

⭆ Share your work on social media with ease - upload a timelapse of your creative process, animate your drawings or try your hand at comics for even more social media notoriety!

used by professionals

* High efficiency to meet the strict demands of creative professionals

* Customize the expression of your brush and pen to your heart's content

* Import and export PSD and vector files to work seamlessly among other desktop apps

* Work on files up to level 10,000, 100x more than similar apps

The ultimate application for creating comics, manga and webtunes

  • Bring your comic to life without Clip Studio Paint, packed with features and content
  • Create speech bubbles, frames and action lines with one tap
  • Explore a range of comic fonts
  • Manage multiple Pages in one app and work on projects with your team
  • Choose from multiple webtone templates and preview your project before publishing

Used by professional freehand 2D animators

  • Animate with Clip Studio's full featured animation suite
  • Take your first step by adding activities to your picture
  • Then, add sound, camera movement and more!
  • Create short clips for social media or even full-length TV-quality animations!

Target Equipment and Specifications

Smartphone / Tablet

Android 9 or later (ARM32 / ARM64)

Minimum 6GB free storage space

Internet connection is required to authenticate the app

smart fone

Minimum 3GB memory required, 6GB or more recommended

6"+ Performance Recommended


3GB or more memory required, 6GB or more recommended

10.4"+ display is recommended


ChromeOS supporting Android 9 (ARM32 / x86 / x86_64)

Minimum 4GB memory required, 8GB or more recommended

WXGA (1280 x 768) or highly recommended

About in-app purchases

Saving to Canvas on Android tablets and Chromebooks and exporting it to various file formats requires an in-app purchase.

In-app purchases are required to use all the features of the app on the smartphone without any time limit.

If you want to take advantage of DeX Mode and Pen Pressure using the S-Pen, please sign up for a plan other than the Smartphone plan.

download Clip Studio Paint app👉 click here

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