I-KHEDUT Tar Fencing Yojana- Subsidy Gujarat 2020-21

I-KHEDUT Tar Fencing Yojana

I-KHEDUT Tar Fencing Yojana- Subsidy Gujarat 2020-21
I-KHEDUT Tar Fencing Yojana

Gujarat Tar Fencing Scheme(Yojana) 2020 Information ::-

Scheme Name÷ Gujarat Tar Fencing Scheme 2020

Scheme Implementation Agency ÷ Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd

Who will get Benefits ÷ Gujarat State Farmers

Scheme(Yojana) Financial Year ÷ 2020-21

Scheme Budget (Financial Year -2020-21) ÷ 20,000 Lakh

Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd Https://Gaic.Gujarat.Gov.In/ 

I-KHEDUT Fencing Yojana ::- 

(1) Under this scheme the farmer / farmers will have to apply by forming a cluster of their lands in groups.  An area of ​​at least five (five) hectares (cluster) will be allowed for all categories of farmers.  
(2) Guple leaders will have to be determined by the farmers for each cluster.  
(3) According to the cluster of land, assistance of Rs.200 / - per running meter or 50% of the actual cost, whichever is less, will have to be sanctioned for the group of beneficiaries' applications.  
(4) Applications have to be received through i-farmer portal and approval of State Government for allotment of district wise targets as well as in case of further applications approval has to be given through online draw system but at the end of the year unsubscribed applications have to be forwarded to next year.  So that the beneficiary does not need to re-apply.  
(5) Before approving the application, the wire fencing at the site has to be checked by third party inspection and also after the completion of the work, it has to be checked by third party inspection and final payment has to be made only after third party inspection report.  GPS location tagging should be done at the time of verification.  
(6) The implementing agency of this scheme will be Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation.  
(7) Guidelines / Guidelines regarding the implementation of this scheme Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd.  Must be made separately by and approved by the State Government.

Conditions Of I-KHEDUT Fencing Scheme ( Tar Ni Vad Yojana) ::- 

(1) shall be subject to the limitation of the grant allotted by the Department of Finance from time to time subject to the provision by offsetting the additional provision in the revised estimates for the year 2020-21.  
(2) Expenditure shall be for the purpose for which the budget has been provided.  
(3) Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner subject to the provisions determined by the Government from time to time and the applicable norms.  
(4) The prescribed conditions of the schemes shall be strictly adhered to.  
(5) In the matter of tender processing in the present work, the provisions and instructions made in the matter of "e" tendering as per the number of the Department of Industry and Mines: SPO / 102008/1603 / ch, dated R / 11/2009 shall be strictly followed.  
(6) Pursuant to this approval, if any item is to be procured, it is the prevailing norms of the Government.  And must be done according to the rules.  
(7) If any savings remain at the end of the year, they will have to be returned.  
(8) Expenditure in this regard shall be borne from the date of this resolution.  UTC under the schemes.  It remains to be seen if it will be sent on time.  
(9) The grant allotted under this sanction may not be used for any other purpose.

Apply Application Online ::-

Scheme details - gaic.gujarat.gov.in. We Recommended To Readers To Read This Scheme Carefully Before Apply Online On I-Khedut gujarat Portal. 

I Khedut Portal Link ::- 
( Kantali Tar Ni Vad Mateni Scheme Online Application)


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